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Investment casting is an excellent option for medical components because it produces a smooth surface finish along with the ability to achieve tight tolerances.

It is ideal for intricate designs and offers the consistency needed for medical device applications.

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They are complex components for medical technology in a large number of materials.

These investment castingss application areas are:

Implants (e.g. hip and knee)

Surgical components

Surgical equipment

Medical instruments and accessories

Laboratory technology

Why choose to work with Yungong Technology?

Look to offer a more cost-effective solution to your medical component requirements. 

When you partner with us, you can count on quality parts with flexible and customizable designs that are delivered on time.

We pride ourselves on our:

Exceptionally smooth finish on castings

High or low quantity production

Flexible, customizable design options

Prototype production capabilities for testing new or unique components

Competitive pricing structure

Short project lead times and on-time shipping

Expert engineering and design assistance

Personalized, one-on-one customer service with fast response times for inquiries

One of the uses for lost wax casting in the medical industry is the fabrication of medical implants.

Castings have to meet exacting standards and be produced to regulatory specifications.

Products produced using lost wax casting have exceptional density and mechanical properties.

Several value added processes are used to ensure the life of the implants and remove porosity and other fatigue factors.

Other products for the medical industry include surgical tools such as forceps.

The lost wax cast is the preferred method for the manufacture of medical instruments since parts do not need machining and can easily be sterilized.

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    precision casting stainless steel parts have a wide range of applications. The precision casting are widely used in aviation, navigation, medical, mining, automotive, decoration, food machinery and other industries .

    our casting including pump valve , Pipe fittings, impeller, nozzle, Marine accessories, energy and mineral accessories. Auto parts, Food machinery accessories, Fire escape fittings, medical device accessories, decoration parts


    our factory

    Shijiazhuang Yungong technology company Located in Xing tang County Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shijiazhuang City, He bei Province,The company covers an area of twenty thousand square meters .It is a large investment casting production base with more than 300 employees,

    we have research and development, design. Manufacture. Sale and after service departments.

    The company is mainly engaged in precision casting .Our precision casting uses medium temperature wax. Silica sol shell making process

    foundry manufacuturer investment casting precision casting equipment

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    silica sol process casting stainless steel casting  carbon casting alloy steel casting

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