Welcome to Elecee to visit our company

With the rising influence of the company’s brand and facing the new challenges of industry development, we attract customers from all over the country to visit and inspect with our high-quality products and services, good reputation and credibility!

On the morning of March 23rd, Dutch customers visited the company and inspected our food machinery exhibition hall. Yang Zong and senior leaders gave them a warm reception.


During the inspection period
The technicians introduced the lost wax casting method in detail, and had a detailed exchange and discussion with customers on the product scheme.


A visit to the production center
Subsequently, the customer and his party came to the production center, and the person in charge of the production department made a detailed introduction according to the distribution of the production area of the factory, and explained the functional characteristics, application fields and production processes of the products in detail.



We always seek development by science and technology and survival by quality; Excellent technical team, skilled production process and experienced factory personnel have won the praise of many customers for us. We will always take high quality as the standard and welcome more customers to visit.

Post time: Apr-03-2023