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Plumbing fixtures and Pipe fittings casting:

It is a reliable source for durable plumbing components, and offers all kinds of shapes and sizes of piping.

Depending on where you want the route to go, locating the perfect part starts with our plumbing fixture casting technicians.

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Common pipe fittings include:

Elbow- installed for changing the direction of flow, the elbow pipe forms a 45- or 90-degree angle 

Tee- most common plumbing component, made to combine or split flow

Cap- stops flow and functions as a plug, covering the end of the pipe

Valves- made in several types of shapes, valves either stop or promote flow

Union- connects two pipes together and allows for quick disconnection for repairs or replacement

Cross-shaped like a cross, this pipe allows 1 material in and 3 out, or vice versa.

We are a prominent manufacturers of Plumbing Fixture, Medical Implants, Auto Engineering Parts, Valve Industries, General Engineering Parts and also all type of castings.

We are engaged in regularly monitoring the market demands and continuously modifying and developing new range of products.

Our ability to perform par excellence in understanding and meeting clients requirements, leave our customers completely satisfied with the end results.

We are renowned in the market for the best quality products and the timely delivery.

What is Lost Wax Casting?

Lost wax casting is a casting process that uses a wax pattern to create a ceramic mold for creating a part or product design.

It has been known over the years as lost wax or precision casting due to its accuracy in recreating parts with precise tolerances.

In modern applications, lost wax casting is referred to as investment casting.

The original process was named lost wax casting but is presently used interchangeably with investment casting.

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    precision casting stainless steel parts have a wide range of applications. The precision casting are widely used in aviation, navigation, medical, mining, automotive, decoration, food machinery and other industries .

    our casting including pump valve , Pipe fittings, impeller, nozzle, Marine accessories, energy and mineral accessories. Auto parts, Food machinery accessories, Fire escape fittings, medical device accessories, decoration parts


    our factory

    Shijiazhuang Yungong technology company Located in Xing tang County Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shijiazhuang City, He bei Province,The company covers an area of twenty thousand square meters .It is a large investment casting production base with more than 300 employees,

    we have research and development, design. Manufacture. Sale and after service departments.

    The company is mainly engaged in precision casting .Our precision casting uses medium temperature wax. Silica sol shell making process

    foundry manufacuturer investment casting precision casting equipment

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    silica sol process casting stainless steel casting  carbon casting alloy steel casting

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