Prospect of metal industry in Hebei Province Economic Development Zone

In order to strive to open a new situation of high-quality development of the foundry industry in our county, on March 24, the leading group of our county conducted a field investigation on the relevant industry organizations, research institutes, foundry enterprises and foundry industry clusters in Hebei Provincial Economic Development Zone, and deeply discussed the development vision of the metal industry.(Director Wang from the first right, general manager Yang Haixiang from the second right)

During the visit, Mr. Wang and Mr. Liang, together with Yang Haixiang and Wang Zenghui, the senior management general managers of our company, conducted on-site communication on how to realize high-quality development planning of foundry industry in combination with the current situation of environmental protection, market supply and demand, enterprise equipment level and development prospect of our county.

Wang Zenghui, the general manager of our company, showed the county leaders our perfect environmental protection facilities and advanced silica sol production technology, and reached the unanimous recognition and praise of the leading team.General manager Wang pointed out that at present, the foundry industry is developing in the direction of intelligence and green. It is necessary to promote the integration of new technology and traditional casting technology and promote the high-quality development of the foundry industry.

Prospect of metal industry in Hebei Province Economic Development Zone

(photo left 1, general manager Wang Zenghui)

Post time: May-06-2021