Basic guidelines for cleaning JR-D120 Frozen meat grinder correctly

Jr-d120 is a popular appliance, but whenever you handle raw meat, cleaning is necessary to avoid bacteria and bacteria from residues. However, cleaning your grinder is no different from cleaning other cookers. After that, proper storage of its components will help ensure that it is well maintained (so it is less likely to cause confusion in use).Following some extra tips when using will also help ensure a simple cleanup.


Hand wash your frozen meat grinder

1. Clean immediately after use.

As the meat passes through your grinder, it is expected to leave oil and grease (and some scattered meat).If time permits, they will dry and skin, so don’t wait too long to clean them up. Handle it in time after each use to make life easier.

2. Put the bread into the grinder.

Take two or three pieces of bread before dismantling the machine. Feed them with a grinder just like your meat. Use them to absorb oil and grease from meat and squeeze out any debris left in the machine.

3. Remove Shijiazhuang frozen meat grinder.

First, if the machine is electric, unplug it. Then divide it into several parts. These may vary by type and model, but usually the meat grinder includes:

Pusher, feed pipe and hopper (usually a piece of meat is fed into the machine through it).

Screw (forces meat through the internal parts of the machine).


A plate or mold (a perforated piece of metal from which meat comes).

Blade and plate cover.

4. Soak the parts.

Fill the sink or bucket with warm water and add some dishwashing detergent. When full, place the removed parts inside. Let them sit for about a quarter of an hour and relax any remaining fat, oil or meat.

If your grinder is electric, do not soak any electric parts. Instead, use this time to wipe the outside of the base with a wet cloth and then dry with a new cloth.

5. Scrub the parts.

Clean screws, covers and blades with a sponge. Be careful when handling the blade because it’s sharp and it’s easy to cut you if you don’t handle it properly. Switch to bottle brush to clean the inside of feed pipe, hopper and plate hole. When finished, rinse each part with clean water.

Don’t rush through the process. You want to remove all traces so you don’t become a breeding ground for bacteria. So once you think you’ve scrubbed enough, scrub a little more.

6. Dry the parts.

First, dry them with a dry towel to remove excess moisture. Then dry them on a new towel or wire rack. Wait for the grinders to dry before putting them in place to avoid rust and oxidation.

Post time: May-06-2021