What are the factors that can affect the quality of castings for steel casting manufacturers?

The quality of the castings has a great impact on the mechanical equipment, such as the impeller of various pumps, the size of the inner cavity of the hydraulic parts, the processed shell, the accuracy of the molding line and the surface roughness, etc. Problems will directly affect the working efficiency of pumps and hydraulic systems, as well as the development of energy consumption and cavitation. These problems are still relatively large, such as the cylinder head, cylinder block, cylinder liner, and exhaust of internal combustion engines. If the strength and chilling and heating properties of castings such as air pipes are not good, it will directly affect the service life of the engine.


In addition to the above mentioned by steel casting manufacturers, there are many factors that can affect the quality of steel castings.

1. For the operation of the process, a reasonable process operation procedure must be formulated first when processing, and at the same time, the technical level of the workers must be improved, so that the process can be implemented correctly.

2. In terms of design craftsmanship, good design craftsmanship can produce good casting products. When designing, the steel casting factory needs to determine the size and shape of the casting according to the environmental conditions and the material properties of the metal. And so on, we must also consider the rationality of the design from the aspects of the casting process characteristics to avoid unnecessary defects.

3. For the craftsmanship of casting, the steel casting factory can choose the appropriate shape and core-making method according to the structure, size, weight and required conditions of the casting, and set the casting rib or cold iron, pouring system and casting system according to these. Riser and so on.

4. In terms of raw materials, manufacturers should pay special attention to the quality of raw materials used in casting. The quality of raw materials used in casting must meet the standard, otherwise it will cause defects such as porosity, pinholes, sand sticking and slag inclusion in the castings, which will directly affect the castings. The appearance quality and internal quality of the steel, if serious, will cause the casting to be directly scrapped.


The quality of products mainly includes three types: appearance quality, internal quality and use quality:

1. Appearance quality: mainly refers to the surface roughness, size deviation, shape deviation, surface layer defects and weight deviation, etc., which can be directly observed, are all appearance quality;

2. Intrinsic quality: Mainly refers to the chemical composition, mechanical properties and physical properties of the casting. Generally, the intrinsic quality can be seen only by flaw detection. The flaw detection can detect whether there are inclusions, holes, cracks, etc. inside the casting. defect;

3. Use quality: mainly the durability of castings in different environments, such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, fatigue resistance, machinability, and weldability.

What are the factors that can affect the quality of castings for steel casting manufacturers

Post time: May-06-2021