Precision casting manufacturers explain the process of silica sol casting in detail!

The current investment precision casting process is developing rapidly, and it is popular because of its exquisite and clean appearance. According to the current trend, the parts products produced by precision casting in the future will become more and more substantial. The traditional blank technology is now Under the development of the market, it is gradually eliminated. Nowadays, the quality requirements and process requirements of casting products in the market are getting higher and higher, the technical force required is also getting higher and higher, and the demand for professional collaboration will only be higher.

For precision casting manufacturers, the current popular process should belong to the silica sol precision casting process. Then what is the process of this process? The basic process is as follows :

1. Mould

To make castings, precision casting manufacturers must first make molds. Before implementing specific processes, the manufacturers will design and build prototypes according to the drawings provided by the user, and then make molds based on the drawings.

2. Wax

Melt the molding wax into a liquid state, and then pour it into the heat preservation device. Let stand to remove the water and remaining impurities, then add new wax until the volume inside meets the requirements of the mold we want, and then pour the wax into the previous mold, wait for the wax to cool and solidify, and take it out. Perform trimming to see if it meets the standard. If it does not meet the standard, it will be treated as a waste product, and the waxing step will start again.

3. Shell making

Pass the wax type that meets the requirements through over-layer slurry, drying, sealing, and then drying.

4. Casting

The shell prepared in the previous step is roasted and can be divided into two parts: solid solution and buckle cover for pouring. After these two parts are completed, the shell is cooled and removed, and then hoisted and cut before returning to the furnace.

5. Clean up and repair

Put the steel material into hydrofluoric acid and soak it, and then go through the steps of sandblasting, core removal and shot blasting, and then conduct a second inspection. If there is a waste product, the pouring step is repeated.

Precision casting manufacturers explain the process of silica sol casting in detail

Post time: May-06-2021